Austria Exchange Program 2022 in Europe | Fully Funded

Austria Exchange Program 2022 in Europe | Fully Funded

Austria Exchange Program is a program that is open to secondary school students. Students are often only required to pay for travel costs, insurance, and accommodation. Moreover, the program also accommodates students of all religions and ethnicities. The program provides the opportunity to become acquainted with Austria and its people, as well as with its language and teaching methods.

Austria Exchange Program is a program by the Austrian government. Furthermore, its purpose is to promote international understanding and cooperation through educational exchanges. It is a chance in which they give the opportunity to spend between three months and one year studying in another country.

Austria Exchange Program is an opportunity for people from all over the world to study abroad in Austria for one year. Its purpose is to promote cultural understanding and cooperation between countries. The program offers Austrian youth the opportunity to experience life in the U.S. and to establish friendships with American youth.

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Exchange Program Explanation:

  • Country: Austria
  • Time Period: 2-4 Months
  • Financial Status: Fully Funded
  • Last Date To Apply:  1st February 2022 (For Graduates) 1st March 2022 (For Undergraduates)

Fields Offered:

For Undergraduate:

  • Applied Chemistry
  • Business Administration
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Tourism and Leisure Management
  • Informatics
  • Global Sales and Marketing
  • Export Oriented Management
  • Creative Computing
  • Medical & Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
  • Banking and Finance

For Masters:

Many English majors are available for master students. Click Here in Order to inspect available Courses.

For Bachelors:

Applicants must have completed their 04 semesters until September 2022. In addition, it is not necessary to present official test certificates, such as TOEFL, etc.

Last Date To Apply:

The last date of this exchange program for graduates is 1st February 2022 and for undergraduates 1st March 2022. After the expiration date, the application form will not be accepted. Moreover, apply as quickly as possible otherwise, you will miss this opportunity as well as this wonderful trip to Austria for pursuing your career.

How To Apply:

The application form is available online for this exchange program. Moreover, You can apply online by visiting the official website. Furthermore, by clicking the given link you will be redirected to the official website.


An interesting opportunity for all of those who want to pursue their career. Apply now to avail this wonderful chance. Moreover, you can apply online in your comfort zone by visiting their official website. The Austria Exchange Program is a great opportunity to experience the culture of a country and also learn about the different ways people live their lives. It is a chance to see how other countries function, which will make you more informed when you are making decisions in your own life. Austria Exchange Program is a program that brings students from abroad to Austria to study for a semester or year. It’s been proven that these programs can help to increase tolerance and understanding among people from different cultures.

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